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Decline to Sign I-1552 Handout
Everything you need to know about why Washingtonians are standing against I-1552—in one easily printable page!
Facts on I-1552 Postcard
Ready to make the 30-second case to your neighbors, friends, family or colleagues against I-1552? Print 4 to a page!
Decline to Sign I-1552 Pledge Form
Help us reach 50,000 signatures of Washingtonians who are committing to not sign any petition for I-1552! Print out a handout and start collecting signatures in your community.
Decline to Sign I-1552 Pledge Form in Spanish
En español
Decline to Sign I-1552 Window Signs
Print off a sign and hang in the window of your business, home—or anywhere that you show you oppose discrimination in Washington.
No on I-1552 Restroom Poster
Do you own a business that has a public restroom? Print and hang this sign to let your patrons know that you don't discriminate—and that you oppose I-1552.
Key Legal Impacts of I-1552
The legal arguments against I-1552.
National Consensus Statement of Anti-Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Organizations in Support of Full and Equal Access for the Transgender Community
Anti-sexual assault and domestic violence organizations overwhelmingly oppose anti-transgender initiatives like I-1552.
Know Your Rights: Countering Initiative Petition Signature-Gatherers
A number of people have asked us: “If we see someone solici ng signatures for an ini a ve we strongly oppose, what can we do to discourage people from signing?” This paper provides some guidance.
Open letter from Washington faith leaders to our fellow faith leaders regarding Initiative I-1552
Faith leaders from across the state urge fellow clergy to Decline to Sign I-1552.
Read the Full Letter