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Wyman Asked to Reject Anti-LGBT Initiative Petitions
June 23, 2017

Text of I-1552 Petitions Violate WA Constitution and SOS Rules

Washington State – Secretary of State Kim Wyman should refuse to accept I-1552 petitions from the Just Want Privacy campaign that do not “include the full text of the measure so proposed” as required by the Washington Constitution, as well as other failures to comply with state law, says a letter signed by Legal Voice, ACLU of WA, and Washington Won’t Discriminate.

In the letter delivered this morning, opponents of I-1552 list multiple deviations from Washington law on signature petitions circulated by the Just Want Privacy campaign. These errors on the petition sheets include, but are not limited to:

(1) misrepresenting the court-established ballot title for I-1552;

(2) incorrectly presenting the court-established ballot measure summary; and

(3) failing to include the full text of the measure on the reverse side of petition sheets.

Legal Voice, ACLU of Washington, and Washington Won’t Discriminate are asking WA Secretary of State Kim Wyman to make a quick decision on whether her office will accept flawed I-1552 petitions.  The letter notes that the Secretary of State’s rules provide that “the full text of the measure must appear on all petition sheets. Any petition sheet missing all, or part, of the text will be rejected by the Secretary of State.”

“Such guidance would also be helpful in determining whether there may be the need for litigation over the inexplicable failure of I-1552’s proponents to comply with the basic, simple requirements of Washington law by creating petitions that violate the law in multiple respects,” says the letter sent this morning to the Secretary of State’s office, the WA State Attorney General and the I-1552 campaign.

“The proponents of I-1552 did not follow the law in creating the petitions for I-1552.  Petitions that include these flaws should be rejected by the Secretary of State,” explains David Ward, Legal & Legislative Counsel for Legal Voice.

“It’s not surprising that an anti-LGBT campaign with a record of deceptive and unethical practices would be circulating flawed petitions for signature,” says Seth Kirby, a transgender man and Chair of Washington Won’t Discriminate.

Earlier this week a complaint to the PDC argued that Just Want Privacy, the political group behind so-called “safety” initiative I-1552, violated Washington State’s elections laws by failing to report numerous contributions from anti-LGBTQ groups.

Last year, the Just Want Privacy campaign was caught telling signature gatherers to harass women in restrooms. This year there are at least two reports of I-1552 signature gatherers assaulting voters, as well as using children to collect signatures and misleading voters on the nature of the initiative.

“We all care about safety, but I-1552’s backers are focused on furthering an anti-LGBTQ and discrimination agenda that will undermine public safety by encouraging more harassment and violence,” says Elisabeth Smith, Legislative Director for ACLU of Washington.

The letter asks Secretary of State Wyman to respond no later than next Thursday, June 29.


Washington Won’t Discriminate is a broad coalition of more than 500 law enforcement, clergy, business leaders, violence prevent groups and others opposing efforts to roll back our state’s non-discrimination protections.