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Far-right religious group biggest backer of I-1552
June 13, 2017
Today’s PDC filings reveal that the biggest backer of I-1552 is Cedar Park Assembly of God, a far-right religious group that also opposes marriage equality.

In contrast, the No on I-1552 campaign’s biggest backers this year are the ACLU of Washington and Microsoft.

Official Statement of Seth Kirby, a transgender man and chair of Washington Won’t Discriminate:

“It is natural to worry about safety in public spaces, but I-1552 is not the answer. Law enforcement says it’s unenforceable and the YWCA and sexual assault groups say it’s unnecessary. We don’t need self-appointed restroom cops. Since Washington passed the existing law in 2006, there have been no reported increases in public safety incidents in gender-segregated areas.

In fact, I-1552 is just a license to discriminate against transgender people like me. So it’s no surprise that I-1552’s biggest backer and champion is a far-right religious group that opposed marriage equality.

Washington Won’t Discriminate and the No on I-1552 coalition are proud to have support from Microsoft and other big and small businesses across the state.

In North Carolina, where a similar bill passed, the state lost $600 million in revenue, before eventually repealing parts of the bill because it was so damaging to the state’s reputation. And a few days ago the NFL said it wouldn’t host the 2018 NFL Draft in Texas if it passed a similar law.

Groups that really want to protect safety are advocating for safer public facilities and more family or individual showers and bathrooms, not unenforceable, unnecessary laws like I-1552.

Transgender people, like me, deserve the same basic protections as everyone else – to use public facilities with safety, privacy and dignity. Life is hard enough, let’s not make it worse for anyone. We should all be free to be our true selves as long as we are not harming others.”