LGBTQ+ Community in Washington

How well placed is the LGBTQ+ community in Washington DC?  have members of the community felt welcomed and comfortable enough to live and start a family in this city? These are important questions many citizens ask themselves whenever they are considering a new place to live. In fact, many gay or lesbian couple consider their safety and wellbeing as a decisive factor to be certain about when moving out is required. Among the cities that make the cut, there is Washington DC, which is probably one of the top destinies to settle in for members of the LGBTQ+ community nowadays.

The capital now is a great place where openness, respect, and a gay-friendly environment feels like a pleasant everyday routine. In truth, the New York Times published an article that referred to Washington Dc as perhaps the gayest place in America. The reason why the capital has gained such reputation is due to the many gay bars there are at sight, shopping stores that exhibit gay fashionable outfits such as “bare-torso, well-endowed mannequins in nothing but tiny briefs” as Jeremy Peters would say, and of course the high number of gay and lesbian couples there are per 1000 households.

In other words, the LGBTQ+ community in Washington DC is now vibrant and fills business spaces such as Nellies Sport’s Bar, – the first gay sport’s bar- where people can grab a late dinner while they face a flat tv screen and enjoy a baseball, football or basketball game. Another emblematic bar down the 17th street is JR’s Bar, where happy hours, theme nights, and jolly customers meet to get the party started. In short, life in Washington is no longer tense and uncomfortable for the gay community that has always been in the city and for the new members that choose the capital to start a family life.

Now that there is a more tolerant and gayer friendly scenario that includes businesses driving the gay economy in the capital, the advances of the LGBTQ+ community in Washington keeps moving towards inclusion in other spaces such as the academic. The Academic University in Washington DC, for example, is openly inclusive towards the LGBTQ+ community; in fact, they include the letter A in the name to embrace the asexual community as well. This university is decisively taking specific actions to promote a respectful and inclusive community among universities, colleges, and schools.

One of these actions is the making of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, this institution’s mission is “to advance American University’s commitment to respecting and valuing diversity by serving as a resource and liaison for students, staff, and faculty on issues of equity through education, outreach, and advocacy.”  The center’s activities are directed towards inclusion by “enhancing the LGBTQ, multicultural, first generation and women’s experience on campus”.

A more precise resource for students that is in line to the Center’s mission and activities is a PDF sheet that helps them choose an inclusive university. This instrument lists questions such as “Are Sexual orientation and gender identity and expression included in the college non-discrimination policy?”, also they offer a “Trans Resource Guide” to know where to look for information about how to change your name on university records and having a new American University Card.

These spaces are being reached due to the struggles, activism, and perseverance attitude many people in the LGBTQA community had and went through. As a consequence, nowadays and a bit more each day, in Washington City events such as the Pride Parade is one of the most crowded events in Pride Month and it is named Capital Pride. This event is a street festival that is considered the fourth-largest gay pride event in the United State with more than 250.000 attendees. Another result of this community’s fight is the fact that today they are protected against discrimination by law since Washington enacted LGBTQ+ protections in 2006, also same-sex couples are legally entitled to get married and they can also adopt since 2012.