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Washington Faith Leaders Won't Discriminate
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As Washington faith leaders and people of faith, from a diverse group of religions committed to lifting up our fellow human beings, we affirm the basic dignity of all people—including our transgender congregants, friends, family members and neighbors.

We are calling on Washingtonians across the state to reject I-1552, a proposed ballot initiative that would repeal our state’s non-discrimination protections that, for 11 years now, have helped ensure transgender people are treated fairly and equally under the law.

We believe in treating others the way we’d like to be treated. And in Washington, that’s how we have done things for the last decade. We should all be treated equally under the law—and we cannot back away from that commitment now.

As people of faith we are called to take a stand for those who face discrimination. We oppose I-1552’s attempt to repeal our state’s non-discrimination protections. Doing so would single out our transgender neighbors for different treatment and potentially put their safety at risk and would have unintended consequences for all of us.

Open Letter from Washington Faith Leaders Join the Coalition
Washington Faith Leaders Who Won't Discriminate Coalition
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  • Rev. Bishop Kirby Unti, NW WA Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
  • Rev. Alice Blair Wesley
  • Rev. Alissabeth Newton
  • Pastor Anne Hall
  • Rev. Barry Andrews
  • Rev. Beatrice Hitchcock
  • Rev. Cecilia Kingman
  • Rev. Cody Natland
  • Rev. Dr. Marian E. Stewart
  • Rev. Emily Melcher
  • Rev. Eric Kaminetzky
  • Rev. Genjo Marinello
  • Rev. Grace Simons
  • Rev. Jedediah Fox
  • Rev. Jim Bridges
  • Rev. Katie Klosterman
  • Rev. Laura Shennum
  • Rabbi Marti Leviel
  • Rev. Peg Morgan
  • Rev. Rebecca Kirkpatrick
  • Pastor Sean Lotz
  • Rev. Sharon Moe
  • Rev. Shelly Fayette
  • Rev. Sonja Selboe
  • Rev. Tandi Rogers
  • Rev. Vincent J. Lachina
  • Rev. Wendy Fish
  • Rabbi Zari Weiss
  • Riverton Park United Methodist Church
  • Washington Coalition of Rabbis
  • Westminster Congregational United Church of Christ
  • Christ Episcopal Church – Seattle
  • Prays Well With Others
  • Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
  • Seattle First United Methodist Church
  • Shir Ha Shalom
  • Woodinville Unitarian Universalist Church
Faith Leaders Who Won't Discriminate
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Photo of Elder Spencer Barrett
"We should not single out our transgender neighbors for different treatment."
Elder Spencer Barrett
Photo of Bishop Greg Rickel
"This is not how we, as people of faith, treat each other."
Bishop Greg Rickel
Photo of Rabbi Bruce Kadden
"Protecting people from discrimination is about treating others as we want to be treated."
Rabbi Bruce Kadden
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