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Stand With Anchorage Against The Anti-Transgender Proposition 1
September 26, 2017

We may have defeated I-1552, but anti-LGBT extremists aren’t slowing down their nationwide effort to dismantle laws that protect transgender people from discrimination. They’ve just moved a little further north.

The same anti-transgender forces that came to Washington have succeeded in placing on Anchorage’s city ballot an almost-identical initiative—Proposition 1—that would repeal existing non-discrimination protections for transgender people.

Because of our success defeating anti-transgender ballot measures, Fair Anchorage recently reached out to us for help. And we told them: The key to sustaining a months-long fight against anti-transgender extremists is a robust small-dollar fundraising program.

We built that kind of small-dollar fundraising program to defeat I-1552. Now, Fair Anchorage needs your help to build theirs. And if you chip in before Thursday at midnight, the Pride Foundation—based right here in Washington—will match every dollar up to $5,000.

Chip in $15 right now to Anchorage’s No On Prop 1 campaign, and have your $15 matched by the Pride Foundation.

Anchorage’s No On Prop 1 campaign is working hard to educate voters about how damaging this initiative is, but they’re facing some strong headwinds.

I-1552 never made it onto the ballot, which is good—because, the fact is, when anti-transgender ballot measures have been up for a public vote, not a single one has been defeated. That’s the uphill battle the Fair Anchorage campaign is facing.

While they’re doing the hard work of raising money, recruiting volunteers, and planning out what resources they’ll need to sustain their campaign, they’re also facing the prospect of being the first-ever ballot campaign of this kind to win. And that makes fundraising and resource allocation infinitely more critical.

Thanks for helping us show Anchorage that Washington stands with them in the fight against discrimination.