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President Trump Submits Official Memo Barring Transgender Troops from Serving Openly
August 26, 2017

President Trump just submitted an official memo directing the Pentagon to bar transgender Americans from serving in the US Military.

We know this decision is devastating for all of our transgender friends and neighbors, especially those currently serving our country with honor. Because the truth is, it isn’t really about the military, or the budget—at its core, this order and all the other recent attacks are about writing transgender people out of existence.

Have hope though: I-1552 was also an attempt by national opponents of transgender equality to write us out of existence, and we beat them—because fair-minded Washingtonians like you stood up for what’s right.

Today, we’re asking you to stand up again for our transgender friends and neighbors. Send a message to your members of Congress urging them to take immediate action to protect transgender service members from the Trump Administration’s attacks.

Here’s another story of hope: When the shocking tweets announcing the ban hit the web, more than 5,000 Washingtonians immediately emailed their members of Congress to let them know that these attacks against transgender American heroes were absolutely unacceptable. Consequently, both Republican and Democratic members of Congress strongly condemned these attacks on transgender troops.

In the following weeks, lawmakers and policymakers within the Department of Defense continued to rally around transgender servicemembers, because that’s what’s best for our armed forces, and that’s what transgender servicemembers deserve.

We hope they will speak out again. Because this ban isn’t necessary, it isn’t popular, and it isn’t right—and it’s something Congress MUST take action against.