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May Day in Seattle: Join us to build the resistance that will defeat I-1552!
April 24, 2017

By Carlos Padilla, Field & Organizing Director
We know that the most effective way to protect transgender people from discrimination in Washington is by building a broad grassroots movement—and that means joining forces in the streets and at the ballot box with other groups who are working to fight discrimination.

Because when the rights and dignity of one group of marginalized people are under threat, we’re all under threat. That’s what’s happening right now with I-1552, which would repeal the non-discrimination law that has protected our transgender friends and neighbors for 11 years.

We can’t allow our transgender friends, neighbors, family members and ourselves to be singled out for discrimination.

That’s why Washington Won’t Discriminate has joined the May 1st Coalition, with whom we’ll be celebrating May Day, an internationally recognized day for workers’ rights. This is a great opportunity to meet other Washingtonians who care deeply about fighting discrimination and who will be our allies against I-1552.

We need to make sure everyone who turns out for May Day signs the pledge to Decline to Sign I-1552. Will you sign up to collect at least 20 pledges from 10AM to 2PM at our Volunteer Rally & Canvassing Day on May 1st? Together we will identify at least another 2,000 voters who will NOT put I-1552 on the fall ballot.

I know firsthand just how important it is that our movement against I-1552 be diverse. I used to live in the shadows on two fronts: As someone who was undocumented, and as someone who identifies as gender queer.

The fact is low wage workers, immigrants and people of color are often more vulnerable to anti-transgender discrimination, and repealing Washington’s transgender non-discrimination protections would be a major blow to all laws that are meant to protect people from being targeted just because of who they are.

So for May Day, we’re inviting labor and immigration advocates to stand with us against I-1552, sign our Decline to Sign I-1552 pledge and volunteer with our movement. Help grow the I-1552 resistance by signing up for a May Day grassroots outreach shift.


Carlos Padilla,