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Finance Reports Reveal Far-Right Religious Group As Biggest Backer of I-1552
June 13, 2017

Today’s PDC filings reveal that the biggest backer of I-1552 is Cedar Park Assembly of God, a far-right religious group that also opposes marriage equality.

The Seattle Times reports that the campaign working to overturn Washington’s 11-year-old non-discrimination laws protecting transgender people just secured a $50K boost from an anonymous source—and quotes opponents of transgender equality in saying they are confident they will collect the required number of signatures to put I-1552 on Washington’s ballot this November.


In contrast, the No on I-1552 campaign’s biggest backers this year are the ACLU of Washington and Microsoft. Our campaign chair Seth Kirby released this statement today:

“It is natural to worry about safety in public spaces, but I-1552 is not the answer. Law enforcement says it’s unenforceable and the YWCA and sexual assault groups say it’s unnecessary. We don’t need self-appointed restroom cops. Since Washington passed the existing law in 2006, there have been no reported increases in public safety incidents in gender-segregated areas.

In fact, I-1552 is just a license to discriminate against transgender people like me. So it’s no surprise that I-1552’s biggest backer and champion is a far-right religious group that opposed marriage equality.”

Earlier this week, the Just Want Privacy campaign bragged in an email to supporters that “Washington is going to be the state that turns the tide on this issue nationally,” and “One day I will tell my grandkids about your efforts and the difference they made on an entire country.”

The opposition wants Washington to be the poster-child for a national anti-transgender movement, just like North Carolina’s HB2. But worse, because it’d be our neighbors voting against our equality.

They couldn’t care less that I-1552 will usher in a new, shameful era of discrimination and harassment—and they don’t care that this will damage our economy for years to come.  Apparently, that’s what they want to brag to their grandkids about.

Our opponents think they’re winning. Their fundraising numbers are growing and they’re already strategizing ways to spread their hate-filled message nationally.

And it’s on us to stop them—right here in Washington.

DONATE NOW and help keep I-1552 off the ballot and put a stop to our opponents anti-transgender agenda once and for all.