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Bellingham City Council Passes Resolution Encouraging Residents to Oppose I-1552
June 20, 2017

Yesterday, the Bellingham City Council unanimously passed a formal resolution encouraging community members to decline to sign any I-1552 petition, and to vote ‘no’ on the initiative if it’s placed on the ballot this year.

Washington Won’t Discriminate would like the thank the city councilors for their bold condemnation of this dangerous, hateful initiative that would strip away non-discrimination protections for transgender Washingtonians.

Councilor Roxanne Murphy, who led the effort encouraging the City Council to pass this resolution, said the resolution is a mark of honor for Bellingham, and that other cities should follow suite.

“It was an honor to stand in solidarity with our transgender community and to help our city become the first in the State to ask our voters to Decline to Sign Initiative 1552, and to vote no if the initiative makes it to the ballot. This is work I hope everyone will join us in doing to protect our LGBTQ community, and defend Washington State’s legacy of anti-discrimination.” –Bellingham City Councilor Roxanne Murphy

This resolution is the latest blow to our opponents’ efforts to collect the 260,000 signatures they need to get this initiative on the ballot. It also shows our movement to protect and support transgender Washingtonians is gaining serious steam, exactly when we need it most.

That’s because the signature-gathering deadline to place I-1552 on the ballot is only weeks away, on July 7th.

If you live in Bellingham, or anywhere in Washington, and haven’t signed our Decline to Sign I-1552, now is the time.

Click here to sign the pledge and share it with your friends and family.