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I-1552 Would Bring Discrimination to Washington
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Washington's long-standing laws protecting LGBT people from discrimination have ensured fair and equal treatment for everyone. But now, a new initiative, I-1552, singles out our transgender neighbors, family and friends for discrimination. If opponents of equality gather enough signatures, this dangerous initiative will be on the ballot in 2017. Discrimination isn't who we are in Washington, and it has no place in the state we all call home. Take action now to keep discrimination off the ballot: Decline to Sign I-1552!
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I oppose discrimination in Washington: NO on I-1552!
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I-1552: Dangerous, Unnecessary & Unenforceable
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I-1552 does more than just repeal non-discrimination protections for transgender people in Washington. It would usher in a new era of discrimination in our state—and bring with it a host of unintended consequences that would put everyone, including students, in harm's way. Get the facts on this dangerous initiative.
Invitation to Harass
Invitation to Harass
I-1552 invites strangers to demand to check a person's "sex at birth" before allowing access to certain restrooms & locker rooms.
Does Not Improve Safety
Does Not Improve Safety
More than a dozen existing laws already make it illegal to enter a restroom with the intent to harass someone or invade their privacy.
Unethical & Discriminatory
Unethical & Discriminatory
I-1552 singles out transgender people for discrimination.
Harms Our Economy + Will Cost Us Jobs
Harms Our Economy + Will Cost Us Jobs
After North Carolina implemented a similar law,economists estimated the state will lose $3.7 billion over the next 12 years in business and tourism.
Unnecessary Government Intrusion
Unnecessary Government Intrusion
I-1552 would override county and city rights, prohibiting local municipalities from passing or enforcing non-discrimination laws.
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Washingtonians Speak Out Against I-1552
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Transgender people are our neighbors, friends, coworkers and family—but I-1552 would repeal non-discrimination laws that for 11 years have ensured fair and equal treatment under Washington law. Hear more from transgender people and their families across the state about how I-1552 would impact them.
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Join Our Campaign
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Our coalition brings together businesses, faith leaders, healthcare professionals, public safety officials and more united behind the belief that discrimination has no place in Washington. Join our growing campaign to defeat I-1552 today.
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Washingtonians Who Won't Discriminate
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Photo of Bishop Kirby Unti
"As a Christian, I believe in loving our neighbors as ourselves and treating others the way we want to be treated, including those who may seem different from us. And that's what my wife and I taught our four daughters. So I'm troubled by I-15I5, which would roll back important non-discrimination protections for our transgender neighbors in Washington. We're all God's children—including people who are transgender—and we should all be treated equally under the law. We must stand together as a community and oppose initiatives like I-1552."
Bishop Kirby Unti Northwest Washington Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Photo of Former Sheriff John Lovick
"As the father of five and the grandfather of five children, and as a former police officer, nothing is more important to me than keeping my family and community safe. That's why as a Snohomish County Sheriff, I led the fight to crack down on child sex offenders. The truth is, I-1552 will do nothing to make us safer. We've protected gay and transgender people from discrimination in Washington for 10 years, with no increase in public safety incidents as a result. It's important to remember that indecent exposure, voyeurism, and sexual assault, are already illegal and police use those laws to keep people safe and hold offenders accountable. We can protect law abiding people while also protecting people from discrimination in public places—including in bathrooms."
Former Sheriff John Lovick Snohomish County
Photo of Dean, Marykay and their transgender daughter Devin
"One of the things you learn when you have a child who is transgender, is about the terrible violence and discrimination that transgender people—especially transgender women—can face. So as parents, we worry. We're especially worried about what I-1552 could mean for our child if she were forced by law to use the men's restroom, which could put her at risk for getting harassed, attacked or sexually assaulted when doing something as simple as using the restroom. Like all parents, our biggest concern is keeping our kids safe—that's only natural. But I-1552 won't make any of us safer."
Dean, Marykay and their transgender daughter Devin ***
Photo of Seth Kirby
"I'm a transgender man, which means I was raised as a girl, but I've always known myself to be male. After a lot of consideration, and with the love and support of my family and friends, I transitioned from female to male. Now I live every day as the man I've always known myself to be and I'm happily married to a wonderful woman. I-1552 could force me to use public facilities designated for women, putting my own safety at risk and causing stress and confusion for others."
Seth Kirby Executive Director, Oasis Youth Center
Photo of Andrea Piper-Wentland
"It's critical that we keep our communities and families safe. I've devoted my career to preventing sexual violence in our community and I take that very seriously. When I looked at the language of I-1552, I realized it would do nothing to protect our privacy and safety. In fact, taking away Washington's 10-year old discrimination protections would have serious unintended consequences for the privacy and safety of all of us and encourage more discrimination and harassment."
Andrea Piper-Wentland Director, WA Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs
Photo of Marsha Botzer
"I am a transgender woman, which means that I was raised as a boy, but inside I always understood fully and wholly that my deepest self is female. Privacy and safety are important to all of us, this is something I know is true. And I also know we certainly do not need to overturn ten years of perfectly good non-discrimination protections to keep people safe because those protections work. It is never okay to go in a restroom to harm or harass someone, anyone who does that should be prosecuted and held accountable. I-1552 would create a situation that violates privacy, and in addition it would put me at risk for harassment and even assault."
Marsha Botzer Community Advocate
Photo of Kris Dinnison
"Treating all customers and employees equally under the law has been good for business and good for Washington. My small business doesn't need more uncertainty and the threat of lawsuits that would come with I-1552."
Kris Dinnison Small Business Owner, Spokane
Photo of Bill Evans
"As Tacoma small business owners for 42 years, my wife Ann and I believe that treating all people fairly and with respect is part of building a strong foundation for a successful business. I'm urging my fellow community members to do the right thing and oppose I-1552. Our state's businesses, large and small, simply can't afford the negative economic impacts of I-1552. Washington is for everyone, and our economy depends on a united community working together."
Bill Evans Small Business Owner, Tacoma