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For 11 years, Washington’s non-discrimination laws have protected our transgender friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors from discrimination on the job, in housing and in public places. Washington’s commitment to fairness, respect and equal treatment under the law make our state a great place to work, live, start a business, go to school, and raise a family.

What would I-1552 do?

  • I-1552 would repeal Washington’s 11-year old non-discrimination protections for our transgender friends, family members, neighbors and co-workers.
  • I-1552 would allow places of public accommodation – including businesses — to discriminate by prohibiting transgender people from using gender-segregated facilities that are consistent with who they are.   
  • I-1552 requires our public schools to discriminate against transgender students by denying them access to gender-segregated facilities that are consistent with their gender identity.
  • I-1552 would ban local control, preventing citizens, cities and counties from passing or enforcing non-discrimination ordinances or policies protecting transgender people from discrimination in gender-segregated facilities.
  • I-1552 would allow others to ignore legally-changed birth certificates and government-issued documents, potentially requiring transgender people to submit to invasions of privacy and family history in order to use the appropriate restrooms.
  • I-1552 opens the floodgates to unnecessary lawsuits by giving K-12 students the ability to sue their public schools for a minimum of $5,000 every time they encounter a transgender student in gender-segregated facility. 

Why say no? Why decline to sign I-1552?

  • I-1552 would rollback Washington State’s long, proud record of standing up against discrimination and encouraging diversity. We’re better than this.
  • I-1552 could have unintended consequences on Washington’s economy, driving away hundreds of millions each year in conventions, tourism, and new business. North Carolina’s economy has lost an estimated $600 million since a similar law, HB2, went into place last year (Source: Forbes).  That’s why more than 200 businesses oppose initiatives like I-1552.
  • I-1552 could hurt our public schools. It opens up the doors to costly litigation against schools, and by violating federal non-discrimination laws, I-1552 could mean forfeiting up to $4.5 billion annually in federal dollars for our state’s schools and other services.
  • I-1552’s discrimination would do nothing to keep us safe.  In Washington, and the more than 200 cities and 17 states with these same non-discrimination protections, transgender people have been protected from unfair discrimination with no increase in public safety incidents as a result. (Source: National Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence Against Women) That’s why law enforcement officials and sexual assault prevention groups oppose I-1552.
  • I-1552 could make something as simple as using the restroom a hassle and an invasion of everyone’s privacy, by encouraging strangers to confront and question anyone who they decide doesn’t look “feminine” enough to use the women’s room or “masculine” enough for the men’s room.

How is I-1552 different from last year’s proposal, I-1515?

  • Both initiatives would try to repeal Washington’s decade old non-discrimination protections for our transgender friends and family members. I-1552 doubles I-1515’s payout for people filing lawsuits against public schools.
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