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Threat of Anti-Transgender I-1552 Adds New Resonance to Annual Transgender Day of Visibility Celebrations March 31, 2017
League of Women Voters Denounces I-1552 Campaign’s ‘Hateful Rhetoric,’ Urges Voters to ‘Decline to Sign’ March 21, 2017
Kelly Herron Says ‘Not Today Motherf*ckers’ to I-1552 Backers Who Used Her Story to Promote Discriminatory Ballot Initiative March 16, 2017
Supreme Court’s Decision to Send Landmark Case Back to Lower Court Underscores Urgent Need to Defend Washington’s Non-Discrimination Laws March 6, 2017
Decline to Sign I-1552: 2K Washingtonians Rally Against Transgender Discrimination February 27, 2017
Opponents of Equality Finalize Anti-Transgender Ballot Initiative, Begin Signature Collection February 10, 2017
On the First Day of the 2017 Session, Urge Lawmakers to Reject Anti-LGBT Bills January 9, 2017
Opponents of Transgender Equality Rush to File Dangerous New I-1515 Style Ballot Initiative January 9, 2017
Don’t Let Washington Become the Next North Carolina December 22, 2016
A Picture of Washington’s Potential Future As Chaos Erupts in North Carolina Over HB2 Repeal December 22, 2016
URGENT: Bill That Would Repeal Washington’s Decade-Old Transgender Non-Discrimination Protections Pre-filed for 2017 December 8, 2016
I-1515 Backers Are Coming Back Strong October 18, 2016
VICTORY: I-1515 Fails and Washington Won’t Discriminate, For Now July 8, 2016
AG Ferguson Says I-1515 Campaign’s Bathroom Tactics Likely Violate Criminal Trespass and Harassment Laws June 23, 2016
For Father’s Day, Dads Are Uniting Against Divisive I-1515 in Defense of Love June 19, 2016