NO on I-1515: NO on Discrimination in WA
I-1515 would repeal our state’s non-discrimination protections that for 10 years have helped ensure our transgender family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors are treated fairly and equally under the law. I-1515 won’t make us safer, but it will encourage more discrimination and harassment of transgender people, and would create serious financial and legal consequences for our state’s economy, businesses, schools and taxpayers. Learn More
Washington is for everyone Our economy depends on it
I-1515 could seriously damage Washington's growing economy and will cost our schools and state programs billions in federal funding. It creates more red tape for businesses and puts local governments and schools at risk for costly lawsuits. I-1515 makes law enforcement’s job even tougher, costs taxpayers and drives away new economic development. Learn More
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Washingtonians Who Won't Discriminate
Law enforcement officials, church leaders, businesses, elected leaders, and many more from around the state are joining the growing list of Washingtonians who are standing up against discrimination. Become an Endorser See the Full List of Endorsers