Transgender Washingtonians are Under Attack! No On I-1552
For 11 years, Washington's non-discrimination laws have ensured fair and equal treatment for our transgender family, neighbors and friends. But now, a new initiative—I-1552—has been filed that threatens to repeal critical protections for transgender Washingtonians. Initiative 1552 would put our state’s long-standing non-discrimination laws on the 2017 ballot—and risks making discrimination the law of the land in Washington. Take action now to defend protections for transgender people from repeal: Decline to Sign I-1552! Decline to Sign Donate
Washington Is for Everyone: Our Economy Depends On It

Hundreds of Washington businesses are standing together against I-1552, united against any attempt to repeal our state's non-discrimination laws that for 11 years have ensured fair & equal treatment of transgender Washingtonians.

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Repealing Washington's 11-year-old transgender non-discrimination laws could seriously damage our state's growing economy, driving away hundreds of millions each year in conventions, tourism, and new business. I-1552 would cost our education system and state programs billions in federal funding, and make our schools vulnerable to costly lawsuits. And it would make law enforcement’s job even tougher, costing taxpayers and stifling economic development. Learn More
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On the First Day of the 2017 Session, Urge Lawmakers to Reject Anti-LGBT Bills January 9, 2017
Opponents of Transgender Equality Rush to File Dangerous New I-1515 Style Ballot Initiative January 9, 2017
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Washingtonians Who Won't Discriminate
Law enforcement officials, church leaders, businesses, elected leaders, and many more from around the state are joining the growing list of Washingtonians who are standing up against discrimination. Become an Endorser See the Full List of Endorsers